Allow me to share my thoughts on our current East Valley Market Conditions. First, we are in an election year and historically in 2012 and 2008 (we are not quoting data from 2004 as that was a very uniquely active and inflated market) the activity started out flat at the start of the year and as time went on, got busier and more active all the way through to the end of the year with the following years' first two quarters also showing increased activity. Part of the reason for this is Wall Street gets nervous in election years and the stock market ping pongs up and down until the election is over. Since so many of our buyers pay cash for hones or at the very least put large amounts of cash down, when their investments drop by any substantial percentage their instinct is to pull back and wait for the accounts to recover. As Wall Street settles down, so do the buyers. Add to this the extremely important puzzle piece of interest rates. We have been living in a time of historically low rates for so long now people think that will always be the case.....but it just won't. Rates are bound to go up as the activity increases and the inventory shrinks. So, in effect, we are gearing up for sales activity and volume to increase through the summer and into the fall!

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